Evils of Satin Sheets

Evils of Satin Sheets


Everyone who has ever used silk sheets already knows that everything else is inferior. Once you’ve had silk, why lower your standards? But, let’s consider the alternatives for a second. 

How about cotton? Or flannel? Or worse… polyester?

No thanks.

What About Satin?

Alarmingly, there are still a number of people who sleep (well, try to sleep) on satin sheets. Or, as we like to call them - people who haven’t tried silk sheets yet. Satin, for those of you who don't know, is actually a type of weave as is charmeuse. If you were in medieval China or Europe, having satin sheets was seen as the ultimate status symbol. However, in the present day, ‘satin’ is much more likely to be composed of minute pieces of inferior wild silkmeshed together with unnatural fibers such as polyester, acetate,nylon, andrayon.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary;

Definition of satin

: a fabric (as of silk) in satin weave with lustrous face and dull back 

Definition of charmeuse

: a fine semilustrous crepe in satin weave  

Why take something that’s naturally perfect and mesh it with something inferior? It’s like putting ketchup on filet mignon. Make no mistake, satin sheets have no business being in the discerning customers bedroom.

Some people even argue about the benefits of using this hybrid fabric in comparison to cotton, if you can believe that.

So, let’s compare it to silk.   


When you use natural, real silk sheets,all you need to dois gently hand-wash or delicate cycle on the machine in cold water with biodegradable detergent formulated specifically for laundering silk garments. 

Natural fibers are protein. A silk wash like Keep it Pure contains no enzymes like regular laundry detergents that are made to break down proteins.  

However, satin sheet washing can be a real headache. The way you clean these sheets is entirely dependent on what fabric it’s been meshed with. For example, if it’s been mixed with nylon you can machine wash it but you can’t put it in the dryer. But what if it also has polyester meshed with it? Well, that means you can’t machine wash it either, and your satin sheet has to be washed by hand. To add to the confusion, if your satin sheet has got acetate in it, you should really only be drycleaning it. 

What a nightmare. 

Cold When It’s Cold And Hot When It’s Hot 

Silk sheet users know all about how cool silk is in the summer and how cosy it is in the winter. That’s because silk naturally air conditions the body through every season with its organic thermo-regulating properties.  

Satin sheets have none of the thermo-regulating benefits of silk and all the problems of the fibers it’s meshed with. If your satin sheets are meshed with nylon or polyester (the usual culprit), you’ll be sweating and squirming all summer long and shivering right through the winter. 

Silk, being a protein, contains 18 amino acids. These amino acids promote healthier skin in maintaining a balanced pH and speeding up the repair and restore process of tiny cells. Over time, these tiny cells make a tremendous difference, in the aging department.  


You’ve seen the shiny, tacky sheen that comes with satin sheets. Not only does it look cheap, it’s also desperately difficult to get any kind of grip on. If you’re wearing a fabric that is also present in your satin sheets - like rayon or polyester - you’ll find yourself slipping and sliding on your sheets like an ice rink.

Some people think that silk suffers from the same slippery problem, and those people are wrong. Just because the cheap impostor looks like silk, it doesn’t mean that silk is the same. On the contrary, while silk is definitely smoother than cotton or flannel, it has a softer and more organic grip than satin. 

You won’t find yourself sliding out of bed with real silk sheets. 

Invest In Silk And Invest In A Good Night’s Sleep 

Why would anyone use satin when they can have silk? Now that you have the right information, you can educate the people in your life who still sing the praises of their satin sheets. You’ve always known what they’ve been missing and now you have the facts to back it up. So go forth and preach the true word of silk! 

Once they convert to the pleasures of real Mulberry silk, they’ll never go back. Start with SlumberBabi pillowcases!

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